“We learned that a leadership role isn’t about knowing all the answers but about sparking discussion and enabling others to be creative. It was difficult to manage a larger team this year, but having a larger team provided a wider range of ideas.”

Homelessness made headline news in Minneapolis this past fall as tent cities took over downtown areas. Champlin Park High School’s Students in Action team, as part of the Leo Club, decided to address the issue and engaged their peers to assist the homeless in their community. They focused on four large projects: clothing drive, Survivor fundraiser, packaging care kits, and making sandwiches for the homeless. Collecting 451 clothing items, raising $5,600, packaging 161 care kits, donating $4,600, and making 1,000 sandwiches helped those in their area who are struggling with homelessness. Finally, through their many service projects, the Leo Club has created a lasting impact in their community by engaging 1,161 students, accumulating 5,160 service hours, and impacting thousands of individuals.